When choosing a company to clean carpets for your house or your office you need to ask them about which carpet cleaning machine they use.

Many New Zealanders have tried hiring a Rug Doctor machine from the local DIY shop. This is a common mistake. You see some carpet cleaning machines are designed for the professional trade cleaners and others are for the public.

The expensive carpet cleaning machines for the trade are much, much better. Heres how to tell its a better machine.

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The best carpet cleaning machine

  1. It has a strong vacuum pump [Our Ninja 500 has 500 psi – the best in the industry]
  2. It uses a 3 stage vacuum [Our Ninja 500 has a 3 stage vacuum – the best in the industry]
  3. It has the highest water lift. [The Ninja 500 has 135 inches of lift – the best in the industry]

Professional carpet cleaning machines get your carpets cleaner, dry faster and you can see the difference.

What is water lift?

It is the sealed suction of a vacuum cleaner is measured in inches of water lift. This rating is taken when the motor is totally sealed, and the term refers to how many inches the motor will vertically lift a 1″ column of water.

Is a 3 stage vacuum the best?

Yes, in tests, a 3 Stage vacuum motor outperforms the 2 Stage every time simple. The vacuum suction (water lift) figures are higher across the board. Heres the proof.

What can a good carpet cleaner do?

The best machines pump high pressure hot water fast through your carpet and quickly suck out the water so it leaves the carpet as dry as possible after a wet carpet clean. This means your air drying is faster too because theres less water in the rug.

Ninja 500 ESI cleaning machine is the one we use. Here she is – isn’t she gorgeous?

Stephen Tishcendorf of Cleaneze says she is the

“Rolls Royce of portable carpet cleaning”.