Remember daylight savings is coming up during October?

Put that in your calendar now so you don’t forget (I remember my Dad taking us out and arriving one hour late – humiliating!)

The change of season is also time to get your carpets cleaned ready for summer.

You should clean carpets twice each year – particularly if you have dogs or cats and young children in the house.

Dentists tell us to switch our toothbrushes each season, insurers tell us to change our smoke alarm batteries every year and now we’re adding the Cleaneze daylight savings tip – get those carpets clean before the summer comes.

Spring sunshine shows up dirt

Daylight streams through your windows and the low angle of the sun shows up every dust speck – you can see the cobwebs, the dusty surfaces and the stains on your carpets too.

Make up for the lost hour when the clocks spring forward. Get Cleaneze to shampoo your carpets for you. Then you can go and treat yourself rather than sweat over your house cleaning.

Save time, save the hassle and gain the certain knowledge that everyone will notice your beautifully clean carpets.

Upholstery special offer

When you book a carpet clean with us before 25 October 2018 we will clean one chair for you FREE. If you like the results we can do the rest of your lounge suite or dining table chair seats while we are at your property. No obligation to buy the full upholstery clean.[but secretly we are so sure you’ll love how your cleaned chair looks…. 😉 ]

When you book mention SpringClean2018 to get your free chair upholstery clean.