We have a great community who support Cleaneze on Neighbourly and this is the result of our poll where we asked the question:

Which smells do you dislike the most?

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We asked our Neighbourly customers.

And the clear winner is…… ta ta ta Cat Pee. Well that is a horrid smell, we agree.

Coming in second is stale cigarette smell and the common factor between both these smells is that carpets and fabric on furniture and soft furnishings like curtains are the places where these smells hang around.

Clean to get rid of bad smells

Cleaning is the best way to get rid of bad smells like cat pee and cigarettes. The way to get the best result is cleaning with the right cleaning fluids.

You see there isn’t just one cleaner which works on everything. We use specialist cleaners which are different for cat pee than for cigarettes.

And when it’s clean…. you know that lovely smell – CLEAN! We like it too.