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Your Water Blasting and House Washing Experts

Do you remember when you pulled up to your home for the very first time? How good it looked, and how excited you were to be moving in?

If your home has lost its look and the new home magic, its probably time for a professional house wash. See our before and after pictures of Gutter Cleaning.

Often we get calls from people wanting house water blasting before repainting, only to discover that the house paint is still bright and vibrant once the years of dirt are washed away. If its time to boost your homes curb appeal, your first call must be to Cleaneze the house washing experts.

Water blasting and specialised exterior treatments can remove and protect your home from mould and mildew on the walls. Regular house washes are a smart investment. Not only do the keep your house looking its best, but you can save a lot of money in the long run.

With Cleaneze you know to expect great house washing results for reasonable prices.

Trusted Experts

Not all exteriors can be washed in the same way. Some exterior coatings can be damaged by high pressure water blasting. Cleaneze has team members who are specialist house washing experts and they know about building exterior finishes. Our expert team will advise you on the right type of cleaning for your home’s exterior surface. For homes that can’t be pressure washed we use a technique called soft washing. Some houses require a combination of water blasting and soft washing. To be sure that your home gets the right treatment, Cleaneze will first visit your home to give you a free price estimate. You can rest assured that your house exterior will be well taken care of with Cleaneze.

House Washing for Paint Preparation

If it is time to paint your house, the best way to prepare the external walls for fresh paint is with a thorough cleaning. Paint does not stick well to dirty surfaces. A clean surface will give paint the best chance for it to bond and leave the overall paint finish smoother. If youre investing money into repainting your home, make sure your start with a call to Cleaneze, the house washing experts.

House Washing Services

House washing and water blasting can include:

  • The house exterior
  • Pathways
  • Driveways
  • Fences
  • Plus more if requested

What Our Client’s Say

“Cleaneze did a great job in washing my house. I needed to wash my house due to mould growth but I was concerned about damages washing could cause to the house and if they could reach up on the high end of the house. They managed to carefully wash the house with no damages done, got up into the hard to reach places and the house looks brand new. I recommend Cleaneze to anyone looking to wash their house. They are friendly, professional and very reasonably priced.”
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