There are 2 types of people – those who clean the kitchen before going to bed and the rest of us who don’t.

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So why do they clean before bedtime?

Cleaneze did some research into why people choose to clean the kitchen before bed time. Top 3 reasons

  1. So the kitchen looks nice in the morning
  2. Clean as you go takes less time than waiting until it’s all piled up and is a BIG job
  3. Start the day feeling calm and relaxed rather than pressured to do cleaning

Cleaneze can help you – sometimes

No, we’re not suggesting moving in to your house to clean each evening – but a weekly clean from our expert team means you come home to a clean and tidy house. Plus we can take on the big tasks like oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, spring cleaning the inside of your cupboards and drawers that maybe you would rather not do yourself.

Just write us a list of things to do ….. Phone now before you lose the drive.