An Expert Clean to Fetch the Best Price

When it comes to selling your home, the one factor that you can have the biggest influence on is cleanliness, cleanliness, cleanliness. A thorough professional clean is a relatively quick and economical way to improve your home’s listing value. A clean home will invite more interest and offers.

Any real estate agent will tell you, for a prospective needs to be able to see themselves living in the house to make an offer. When you’re selling your home, the first impression can be the most critical. Stains on the carpet and pet odours are among some of the common deterrents for potential buyers. Trust Cleaneze’s comprehensive house cleaning service to eliminate these problems. With the Cleaneze real estate listing your home’s great first impression starts outside with a clean property exterior, driveway, and pathways. Potential buyers will be greeted with a bright and fresh space when they step into your home. Cleaneze’s detailed services stand up to even the most hard-nosed investors.

A Clean Home for your Open Home

Selling your home can be stressful period. Trying to juggle your regular routine, with the inconveniences of trying to sell, can be a little overwhelming. One thing you don’t need to stress about is finding a great cleaning company. At Cleaneze we offer a comprehensive service that thoroughly cleans your home inside and out. Our expert team has a reputation for meticulous standards which is applied to the carpets to the ceilings to the exterior finish and everything in between. Your home will look it’s best when the right buyer walks in.

A Small Investment that Offers Big Returns

Real Estate agents are invested in getting their clients the best possible price for their listing. An ideal situation is to have multiple offers near or above asking price. The most cost effective way to ensure that the listing is appealing to as many buyers as possible is to make sure that it has been thoroughly cleaned before the real estate listing photos are taken and before the open homes begin. Potential buyer often state that a clean home is indicative of a well maintained home. Give your listing an advantage in the Auckland market, call Cleaneze.

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Real Estate Listing Clean

We offer a full suite of services to make your property shine. Custom and specialised cleans are also available.

  • Exterior house washing
  • Driveway and pathway pressure washing
  • Carpet cleaning and stain removal
  • General cleaning and presentation

What Our Clients Say

“In my experience as a real estate agent, having a well presented house can affect the interest of potential buyers to a property, and hence also the expectation of price on a property. The presentation shows not only in the open homes, but in the photography which is the first touch point for potential buyers when first seeing a listing. I do recommended Cleaneze services to my vendor clients with great results, and have no hesitation in recommend their services to other vendors who want to present their homes the best they can be when going to sell”

“Cleaneze did a great job is making our house look fantastic in preparation for sale.”Yusuke Inui

Anil Nathoo, Executive Level Real Estate Agent, Ray White Glenfield
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